2 months of home alone

  • Housework is not tough. It is boring! Because it is the same thing to be done over and over and over again…..
  • Cooking is not tough either, but it is not boring at all. After 4–5 days of messing around, I got hang of it nicely. It requires some creativity, which comes with an instant reward.
  • 2 meals a day are good enough to keep you going
  • Sink zero > Inbox zero
  • No cleanliness, no peace of mind
  • Alone time doesn’t automatically mean a quiet mind
  • A tight and repetitive routine means days feel like passing by quickly and unremarkably
  • Books > Netflix > Youtube
  • If you are alone for long, you can even get emotionally attached to house plants
  • Consumer consumption (malls/movies/restaurants) is just a habit, without having much bearing on happiness. Changing to a much simpler lifestyle with 5 times lesser consumption didn’t bring a big emotional change.
  • Weekend car drives outside the city, Saturday morning coffee+book/friend at a nice cafe are the best pleasures of life, period!
Egg fried rice under preparation



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Sachin Sharma

Sachin Sharma

Founder @townscript. Passionate about building Products. Books when not working. Writes at — https://www.sachinsharma.in