Best part of running a Startup!

Sachin Sharma
1 min readJun 2, 2018

Running Startup is a tough work, the immediate emotions one faces on daily basis are that of stress, uncertainty and constant struggle.

Inspite of this struggle, there are many reasons to love running a Startup 🙂

But if I have to pick one reason, it got to be the constant opportunities to meet and work with great people! These people come in different avatars - Co-workers, Customers, Investors, Mentors and fellow Entrepreneurs.

Just to share some recent anecdotes -

In Feb I had an opportunity to visit Kanpur. I met a team there who were building E-commerce logistics for villages in UP, and are seeing a great traction. Standing at a chai tapri, and hearing their stories was really insightful, something very different for a metro city chap like me.

Other day I met our Customer who has written a book about Java!

And a week before, had a dinner with our ex-Investor and listened to his theories about meaning of life with amazement! 😃

Not to mention, the regular team meetings where my colleagues passionately discuss, plan and solve some really challenging problems on daily basis.

Hoping to continue meeting, and working with great people!



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